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Temp Local Admin through MECM Run Script

You’re a Config Manager administrator but your user account doesn’t have local administrator rights on any of the computers you have to support. What now?! If only you had access to an enterprise management tool that could run a PowerShell script on any computer it manages. Yeah, I went there. Download Script: I wrote a script to add a user to the Administrators group on a computer for a variable time period. When time expires, a scheduled task runs once to remove the user from the Administrators group and 10 seconds later the scheduled task self-destructs in a scene only topped by Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible. When you run the script, an event is logged in the event viewer and a Teams channel is notified using a Teams web hook. DISCLAIMER:   This method of adding a local administrator is far from secure. Unless you have Group Policy or some other tamper resistant 3 rd party tool managing your Administrator group, your “temporar