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CMPivot to check Services and start them (with a little help)

Have you ever needed to get a really fast real-time look at if a service is running on a set of servers or workstations? Open CMPivot against a collection, type in your query, and send it. Seconds later you get real-time answers to your query for any online device. Queries for CMPivot run on 42 devices at once, until all devices you're querying have responded.  The last time my organization did server updates, I (and a trusty super awesome coworker) had to verify if a couple of SQL services were running on a small collection of servers. As we were manually checking these one by one, I came up with the idea that it would be incredibly helpful to use CMPivot.  The below query in CMPivot will return all devices where a SERVICE with the name containing SQL is NOT RUNNING and the service's start type is AUTO. In other words, if a service with SQL in the same is supposed to be automatically running and it's not, this query tells us. Service | where Name contains 'sql'