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SCCM CMPivot and Run Scripts

What is CMPivot? What are Scripts? Why do I care about either of them? I recently attended MMS 2019 and took a great session from Jason Sandys and Tom Degreef on CMPivot and Run Scripts. They dove deep into the technical aspects of both of these somewhat new "fast channel" features of SCCM. Full disclaimer: I do not know everything and I may occasionally not know as much as you. Test everything you see here on a LAB environment and make sure you fully understand it. If you have any suggestions for improving this post, please feel free to drop a comment and I'll give you some kudos for your edit. Over simplified, CMPivot is a near real-time (not milliseconds, but usually seconds, and definitely no more than a few minutes) way to query information about your systems. You can find out literally anything about any system within your reach. Scripts pairs nicely with CMPivot because it is a real-time way to run scripts against your query results, or just another old col